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With every purchase, Renstack is happy to offer a 12 month Manufacturer’s Warranty. This warranty is valid from the date of your purchase and covers Manufacturer Mechanical Defects.

Items that have arrived damaged are also covered by Warranty within 14 days of delivery. Please submit a photo of the damages along with any box damage that may have occurred during the delivery process. Anything outside of this time period will NOT be covered.

To help our warranty experts assess your product, please use our Claim Submission Form located below. Include pictures of the product from various angles and distances with a description of your damage. If the issue cannot be documented with photos, videos are also welcome.

Please note; we need this evidence in order to assist you with any solution to a claim. If photos/videos are not submitted to verify your issue, we cannot offer any warranty on your product.

Manufacturer’s Warranty is only valid when products are used for their intended purpose and exhibit normal use. Defects or damage resulting from negligence, misuse, accidents, abnormal use, modifications, or commercial purposes will not be covered.

Furthermore; Comfort preferences, Cosmetic damages incurred by the owner (such as spills, stains, tears, fraying/snagging, and burns), Floor Models/Final Sale products, Couch cover damages including post-washing and zippers, Frame damages to couches/beds, or products sold outside of the Renstack website will be NOT be covered. This Warranty is non-transferable and coverage is VOID once an item has been relocated to a new address.

If you have purchased a specialty warranty through Mulberry, which covers more common issues or offers an extended warranty, please file a claim through their website and they will gladly assist with your claim.

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