WE BELIEVE we have a dedication to happiness that is instilled in us by a deep seated belief in the American rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. As an employee owned operation we call this company a big family. It is this culture, fueled by the belief that all men are created equal, that makes us want to share. Within this big family we share love, knowledge, work, and results, as a means to continue to pursue the ideals of this country that has given us the opportunities to do so. We appreciate the opportunity to work and strive towards building better lives for ourselves, our business partners and ultimately the hard working people that take our furniture home. We endeavor to work hard and share with you the products that will get you one step closer to your American dream.

We keep family at heart, and want you to be a part of our family.

WE BELIEVE that furniture is a bearer of happiness. It intrinsically carries the ability to bring people together and becomes part of the happy memories of all of life’s wonderful events. Events like the first time positioning a new sofa in an empty living room, reuniting with family around the Thanksgiving dinner table, or watching the kids scream with joy at a new bunk bed, almost every purchase is tied to joyous events. From manufacturing, to retail, to consumer taking it home the path to happiness is ingrained into every piece of furniture.

We are honored to play our part in delivering furniture along its journey of happiness.

WE BELIEVE that finding the best people who share our beliefs will help us achieve our mission: to bring happiness with every piece of furniture. If you are interested in working with the fast-growing Renstack family, please send us your resume pertaining to the following open positions.





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